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Markets are more and more competitive and market players are the customers that should be looking more and more reliability and confidence in the supplier. The market include different sizes customers and peculiar level of organization. Every customer is entitled to receive impeccable service for manufacturing the products of Ticinoplast that are today appreciated due to their technology and quality.

To produce and sell good products at an affordable purchasing price it is the only way to stay on the market. In order to get results enabling the company to move forward for the wellness of all its employees, customers and all other stakeholders, it needs to “impress clients” ( statement settled in 1997, the first year of certification ISO9002 the Ticinoplast Srl).

In view of this Ticinoplast has planned and implemented a sales process ranging from the activities of the PBX operator to collect data on customer satisfaction, which has as its goal the highest customer satisfaction:

CUSTOMER SPECIFICATION: customer specifications is the collection of product requirements that meet the needs of the customer. The management software of Ticinoplast store all the above requirements identified either by customer and by product family and down to the individual item code to ensure the repeatability of production in compliance customer requirements.


Sales Specification – excerpt

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TERMS OF SALE: he satisfaction of customer needs to take place in a clear business relationship where the technical limitations of supply are dictated by customer specifications and limits commercial supply are dictated by the terms and conditions of sale.


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