Instrumental Laboratories

Instrumental Laboratories

To be technical and commercial partner of its customers Ticinoplast Srl has equipped year after year its laboratory with analytical tools necessary for characterization of the films.

All the instruments and the experience of our engineers is available to characterize either films or laminated materials coming from domestic production or provided by the customers.

The most important instruments which Ticinoplast has installed in its lab are:

DSC for the measurement of differential calorimetry

This is a useful analysis for the characterization of materials and for the prediction of the behavior of the products through the measurement of the amount of energy exchanged by a sample subjected to a controlled thermal path. It is useful both to perform routine measurements, which for the development of new products.

FTIR for measurements of infrared spectroscopy

The interaction between chemical elements, especially organic compounds, and radiation in the infrared wave lenght, give a lot of information on the molecular structure.  This analysis can be conducted in the light transmitted or reflected light on the surface.

Optical Microscope

The instrument is equipped with a camera and with a cryostat microtome, for detailed analysis of the distribution and thickness of the different layers of the film, especially in co-extruded samples. Aslo stereo miscroscope is available for 3D analysis.


for tensile tests (for calculation of the yield stress, the load and the % elongation at break, etc…) and for evidence of perforation (for the calculation of the force, energy, and elongation).

Taber Stiffness Tester

to measure flexural resistance of plastic films.


ELMENDORF for tear propagation measurements.


 for measurements of optical density.


 measures for sealing of the welds.

Friction / Peel Tester / Saldatrice Brugger

FRICTION / PEEL TESTER / WELDING BRUGGER machines for the measurement of COF and strength of welding after cooling.


 for the measurement of the flow of molten thermoplastic materials.