Production Process

Production Process

The product requirements output from the sales process (product technical characteristics and order terms) and listed in the documents generated by the document management process, are implemented by the production process that uses resources made available for purchase, manufacture, measure and manage the logistics of the products of Ticinoplast. Two are the main resources of the manufacturing process: production machines and auxiliary equipment.


The products for flexible packaging must ensure maximum repeatability of performance and it is for this reason that Ticinoplasthas specialized machinery for specific product families. 

The process parameters duly registered with the appropriate procedures and the ability to produce the same material on the same machine after many years, ensuring that the customer receives a product that is always with the same characteristics as agreed in the purchase order.

The production machines are maintained in as accurate preventive maintenance programs managed through job boards with efficient programs on the intranet. Particular attention is given to the cleaning of the machines and the work environment, and these activities are managed via computerized documents.

The technological upgrading of production equipment is managed taking care to put attention to quality as increasing demand from the market is the constancy of performance as outlined above ensure continuity of features to the products Ticinoplast. Machinery and/or equipment are designed within Ticinoplast to improve the efficiency of the production cycle.


The efficiency of the production cycle and machinery is ensured by the proper operation of the plant from the auxiliary transformer substations to power supply networks fluids such as compressed air, process water and cooling environments. All these networks must be efficient in order to ensure continuity of production and on time delivery requested by the customer. The machinery for the production of these fluids such as compressors and/or refrigeration units are updated to minimize energy consumption as much as possible.

Particular emphasis is put on the Ticinoplast logistics management of raw materials and finished products. The raw materials granules are loaded, stored and transported in a network that ranges from silo aluminum block in which each batch delivered by the supplier shall be segregated from other batches and individually approved before being used in production. The transport of granules with different technologies (dilute phase, vacuum or pressure, or dense phase in safe and clean steel or aluminum hoses) ensures that the raw materials are not contaminated before extrusion.

Proper packing machinery and a computer network for the production of labels identifying the single reel, single pallet and also samples that may be requested by the customer allow an accurate control of the finished product in covered spaces and closed the finished goods warehouse. Each reell of polyethylene film is packaged and transported in accordance with the specifications required by the customer.